( updated 9/10)

by Tony Maygarden

Longtime fans of MAD magazine will be familiar with artist Jack Davis. Davis is also well-known for his work for E.C. publications line of horror comics, and his promotional movie posters.

The Endless Groove has compiled a gallery of Jack Davis' album cover art, including a number of soundtrack album covers that were also used as movie posters. Davis' work is highly stylized, but the covers here show the wide range of his talent. Most of his caricatures are comical, but others work as revealing portraits. The most fun in Davis' covers, though, can be found in the details. His style has been widely imitated, but you can easily tell a real "Jack Davis" cover by the signature, always in the lower right corner.


(year released)

Alfredito and His Orchestra - Crazy Titles For Dancing Cha-Cha and Merengue (1958) (Davis back cover art only)
Harry Arnold and His Orchestra - The Jazztone Mystery Band (1958)
Bob and Ray - Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular (1958)
The Buffalo Bills - Shut the Door! (They're Comin' Through the Window) (1965)
The Bunch - The Bunch (1966)
Archie Cambpell - Have a Laugh On Me (1966)
Johnny Cash - Everybody Loves a Nut (1966)
Dick Clark - Presents Radio's Uncensored Bloopers (1984)

Myron Cohen - This Is Myron Cohen (1972)
Ben Colder - Big Ben Strikes Again(1966)
Ben Colder - Wine, Women & Song (1967)
Ben Colder - The Best of Ben Colder (1968) (front and back cover)
Ben Colder - Harper Valley P.T.A.(1969)

Hans Conried/Alice Pearce/The Creatures - Monster Rally (1959)
The Cowsills - The Best of the Cowsills (1969) (front and back cover)

The Dells vs. The Dramatics (1974)
Little Jimmy Dickens - May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose (1965)
Jonathan and Darlene Edwards - Sing Along With... (1962)
Dennis Farnon - Arrivederci, Baby! (soundtrack) (1967)
David Frye - Radio Free Nixon (1971)
Ernest Gold - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (soundtrack) (1963) (complete gatefold cover)

Jonathan Winters - Jonathan Winters' Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1964?)
The Guess Who - The Greatest of the Guess Who (1977) (complete gatefold cover)
Al Hirt & Hugo Montenegro - Viva Max! (soundtrack) (1970)

Homer & Jethro - Life Can Be Miserable (1959)
Homer & Jethro - At the Convention (1962)
Homer & Jethro - Zany Songs of the '30s (1963)
Homer & Jethro - Any News From Nashville? (1966)
Homer & Jethro - Songs My Mother Never Sang (1961)
Homer & Jethro - Homer & Jethro Go West (1963)
Homer & Jethro - The Old Crusty Minstrels (1965)
Homer & Jethro - Country Comedy (1971) (gatefold, non-Davis artwork cropped out)

Imus in the Morning - 1200 Hamburgers to Go (1972)
Imus in the Morning - One Sacred Chicken to Go (1973) (front and back cover)

Spike Jones and His City Slickers - Thank You, Music Lovers! (1960) (front cover and back cover detail)
Spike Jones - The Best of Spike Jones (1975)
Henry Mancini - The Party (soundtrack) (1968)
Johnny Mandel - The Russians are Coming (soundtrack) (1966)
Ray Martin - The Sound of Sight (196?) (complete gatefold cover)

Vaughn Meader - Have Some Nuts!!! (1964)
Gene Moss and "The Monsters" - Dracula's Greatest Hits (1964) (front and back cover, and "15 Monster Fan Cards" insert)
The New Christy Minstrels - Today (contains soundtrack music from Advance to the Rear) (1964)
The Phantom Surfers - The Great Surf Crash of '97 (1996)
Jerry Reed - Uptown Poker Club (1973)
Jerry Reed - Texas Bound and Flyin' (1980)

Sailcat - Motorcycle Mama (1972)
Lalo Schrifin - Kelly's Heroes (soundtrack) (1970)
Six Fat Dutchmen - Under the Direction of H. Loeffelmacher (1958)
Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister - The Bible Told Me So (1958) (possibly not a "real" Davis cover?)
Ken Thorne - Inspector Clouseau (soundtrack) (1968)
Various Artists - Beer Barrel Polka Party (196?)

This is not a complete list of Davs' album acover art. The Endless Groove will add additional covers as we run across them.


900 x 900 pic of Thank You, Music Lovers

900 x 900 pic of Six Fat Dutchmen

900 x 900 pic of Life Can Be Miserable